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2018年10月20日 (土)




I thought it was in his 50s in the water, but when I got up from the pool the man was young. When sitting next to me, the man asked, "How much swimming do you have?" A big and fat man can not swim smoothly.


Tell me how to swim smoothly, in other words, how to lose weight. That is to say. Women and elderly people are sometimes asked. It is surprising to talk about swimming three kilometers. But this year we have never achieved that 3 kilos.


In other words, it is a past talk ... ... maybe you can kill men if you swim 2 kilometers. I can not understand if I eat it beyond that. Although a man jumped over forties in his thirties, he got fat enough to look in his 50s. The man talked about the talent who attended the riser.


People who are fat as well as those who are a bit overweight, or whatever you look at, who will not look fat will come and ask why I swim. I want to lose weight unnecessarily, I have longing for a foreigner's figure, so I think.


I am an infant's figure and only the upper body is slightly mature. There is no thing which is not similar to what is called fine macho ... ... so it is easy to see. As a result, I think that he also saw that foreign trainer.


It is mostly noticeable, as a teacher's favorite since elementary school, so it becomes subject of classmate's jealousy. That is to say I hate ... ... I got a special guidance from the trainer again and I took a tokusha. Well then, give that fat man a special teach, special guidance.


I think so, but I can not do that. The side to receive guidance, I want to make it easy. I think a simpler way, the thought is too strong. A fat man wails "I want a fancy drug." It's crazy to swim 2 kilometers ... ...

 私はトレーナーは難題に飛びついた。10回ほど試してボールを買うことにした。違いは何か。いや、そもそもトレーナーはなぜ、私にボールを勧めたのか? 誘導する質問を私は考えた。考えついた誘導質問はこうだ。

I took the trainer to the challenge. I tried it about ten times and decided to buy a ball. What is the difference? No, why did the trainer suggest me a ball in the first place? I thought about guiding questions. This is a guided question I thought.


 Humans who were unable to find their own happiness, begin misery and games ... ... Do you understand?
"I understand. Alcohol"
- Alcohol is different. It is a bad happiness, but will it be immersed in alcohol?

 言葉は修正を必要とした。不幸は浸れないのでゲームの対象にしかならない。言葉を代えると、あなたがそうもスポーツに万能なのは、不幸だからではないか? 私は聞いた。

The words needed correction. Since misfortune can not soak, it is only subject to the game. Taking the words, is not it because you are unfortunate that it is universal to sports as well? I heard.


This young official has accepted it quite well. This neighborhood is different from Japanese people. I am concerned with why the trainer is unfortunate, perhaps related to not being an American. I have not heard of anything that I entered, so I can not write it.


It is desirable for everyone to be able to find happiness, but there are circumstances that they do not go. For example, age, disability ... I am close to the end. Trainers are young and long ahead. It will not be easy ... ... I am worried about it.


I get a balance ball as soon as I get up. Use a ball like a radio exercise. I use it again in the daytime or the night, but when I use it three times, my legs will hurt. The ball will work, but it will be 10 years later. It is too late ...... In the old days, there was no such ball.


As I can not swim 3 kg this year, next year I do not know the balance ball ...... I can only swim I can swim and just ride a ball. I do not know where I do not know. It is now this now. I am grateful to the trainer who taught me the ball. (This section, continued)